Detoxification for MIND, BODY and SOUL: Manifesting the year ahead!

Detoxification for MIND, BODY and SOUL:  Manifesting the year ahead! 

Join Ellen Gyberg, Medical Intuitive specializing in Holistic Nutrition & Adrian Bailey, Spiritual Healer and Guide in discovering how detoxification of body, mind and spirit are essential to the fullest manifestation of our highest reality.

Only when all three are addressed can we create the right environment for true healing to occur.

Starting from the understanding that we are all spiritual beings only living in this human experience, we must address health and wellness from every angle: Body, Mind and Spirit. Each serving to inform the other and create the necessary space for lasting transformation.

The human body is perfectly designed to heal itself and, not just that, to thrive, yet from time to time we all need to do some house cleaning to allow it to do what it needs to do.

Detoxification for Mind, Body & Spirit is designed to do just that and to empower you with the tools to experience wellness in all areas of your life.

Most of us have heard about detoxification and know a bit about it, especially at this time of the year when many of us are in the midst of the over indulgences of the holidays and feel the need to start making our new years resolutions. We understand that we are constantly exposed to environmental toxins and stressors that take us away from optimal health, so there are certain things that we can do for our bodies to help support it during this natural healing process.

The difference between what you may have experienced while detoxifying in the past and what you will experience during Detoxification of Mind, Body & Spirit is very real lifestyle changes that will aid your physical heal, while also addressing the often overlooked component of spiritual and mental detoxification. During this portion of the detoxification process Adrian will be guiding us all through a energetic balancing that will create a relaxed environment within our bodies for healing to occur. If we address detoxification on all three levels of Mind, Body and Spirit, we can create lasting change rather than the constant cycle of health and dis-ease that we all to often experience.

Much like the process of downloading and updating the software on our computer, we too must take time to clear out what is no longer serving us, physically and emotionally, and upgrade to allow for our highest expression moving forward.

Join us as we explore ancient techniques for detoxification, modern science to support what our bodies innately know and energetic balancing to support you into the New Year!

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