Healing With Reiki And Castor OIl

Bring on the ailments! Join Ellen Gyberg and Adrian Bailey as we heal both physically and energetically through Castor Oil and Reiki.

Castor Oil has been used for millennia as a Panacea for everything from Arthritis to Insomnia while Reiki is, in many ways, the energetic equivalent calling in universal energy and consciousness to bring in relaxation and a sense of calm so the body can do what is does best - HEAL!

Using the physical application of Castor oil while calling in the healing energy of Reiki, we will heal what's ailing you and teach techniques for addressing life’s ups and downs in practical ways!

$20.00 per person
Saturday, March 31st  2-3:30 pm
The Bija
800 Franklin Street
Ste 204

Vancouver, WA 98660

For upcmoing classes please go to  calendar of events.

If you are interested in hosting this class (at no cost to you) for your friends and family, please contact me. Minimum 6 paid attendees. $20.00 per person.

Gift Certificates are also available, for more information, contact Ellen 360-601-0137.