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Sacred Healing Of The Mind & Body ~ Day Retreat

  • Ayurbella 5102 Plomondon Street Vancouver, WA, 98661 United States (map)

If you are seeking sacred space, togetherness and to feel seen or heard, we welcome you. The vision of this workshop is to honor each individual on their journey and collectively, cultivating a healing and nurturing space for women to reach out and rise up together. We all have a story, let’s use our life story and experiences for our own personal growth.

What To Bring;
Wear comfortable clothing, please bring your own special tea cup, journal, ceremonial objects or anything else you need to make yourself comfortable. RSVP is required.

Offering Schedule:
9:45AM Doors Open
10:00AM Welcoming circle gathering
11:00AM - 12:30PM Soft flow yoga movement, incorporating sound bowls for the ultimate relaxation during savasana with Rhonda & Wiesje
12:30PM -2:00PM Interactive lunch and nutrition workshop with Ellen
2:00PM - 3:00PM Trail Walk
3:00PM - 4:00 PM Sacred tea circle, sipping warm herbal teas that will soothe your system as we share stories with Rhonda. Journaling and self reflection.
4:00PM - 5:00PM Marma Point Therapy with Wiesje
Nurture with the practice of balancing with the Sacred Energy points of the body. Practice and receive this unique therapy to help awaken “secret energy points” throughout the body which includes these benefits;
Similar to acupuncture points; Marma’s are switches that “open” channels of the Prana (life force) of your body;
Feel energy circulating through the Nadi channels.
Free stagnant emotional blocks.
Stimulate Marma Points with essential oils and specialized tuning forks to enhance the experience.
5:00PM - 6:00PM Closing gathering

Early Bird Sacred Exchange $99

Ellen Gryberg, Rhonda Romine and Wiesje Brion are collaborating to create a restorative healing experience for you to feel refreshed and renewed. Read on to learn more about our story.

Ellen Gyberg is a Medical Intuitive Specializing in Nutrition
In March 2009, I was the heaviest I had ever been. I was 44 years old and my joints were stiff and hurting, I was considered obese, had thyroid issues, gout, gallbladder issues, inflammation, was diabetic, and I had a breast cancer scare.
I saw doctors; MD's and Naturopaths, dieticians and nutritionists but no one could tell me the true cause of my illness nor did any of their recommendations or prescriptions help me feel any better.
I have always been spiritual by nature but did not discover my super power as a Medical Intuitive Specializing in Nutrition until I one day found myself extremely depressed, out of options and asked for divine guidance for help.
The answers came almost immediately. I followed all the guidance given to me and within a few short months I completely recovered my health.
Today I am a Medical Intuitive Specializing in nutrition. If you tell me your symptoms I will help you discover the root cause and let you know how you can heal naturally through nutrition.

Rhonda is honored to offer sacred space for women she is a Reiki Master and Integrative Wellness Coach, she offers therapeutic vibrational sound healing sessions, sound baths, and Reiki healing. She teaches Reiki classes and holds women’s circles and self love workshops. Rhonda helps guide you on your self love journey, finding your path to self freedom. Rhonda’s speciality is in supporting, advocating and educating women who have encountered emotional, mental, or physical abuse. She has a passion for the healing and recovery from toxic relations abuse. Rhonda’s work centers around meeting women where they’re at and guiding them through their trauma’s to live their best life.

Wiesje Brion has been practicing Ayurveda for over 15 years. Including various Vedic healing traditions such as vibrational tuning, marma therapy, Ayurvedic energy healing, and Vedic astrology. She has been a Reiki master for almost just as long. Over the years Wiesje has enhanced her Vedic practice with spiritual yogic practices to improve her personal growth and loves to share to enhance your own daily practice.